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Traffic Laws Public Submissions

Public submissions made to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (The Department) by 30 June 2019 are set out below, except for submissions that were submitted to the Department as confidential submissions.

The table below includes the correspondence from the Norfolk Island Regional Council and the Youth Council.

The table below excludes the two petitions received as the Department was unable to contact all signatories to check permission to publish.

The table also excludes submissions which were not emailed to the Department directly from the respondent. Where there was uncertainty about permission to publish, the Department has erred on the side of caution and not published.

Published submissions have been redacted to remove personal or sensitive information (such as personal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and scanned signatures).

The Department is not responsible for the content of these submissions, which remains the responsibility of the original authors, and submissions do not represent the views of the Department.

To the extent permitted by law, the Commonwealth disclaims liability to any person or organisation in respect of anything done, or omitted to be done, in reliance upon information contained in any of the submissions.

Table of Submissions

1. Peter and Karen Christian Bailey PDF: 30 KB ReadSpeaker
2. Confidential Confidential
3. Matt and Susie Bigg, Martyn Bigg, Reuben Bigg, James Bigg PDF: 44 KB ReadSpeaker
4. Charles Brown PDF: 94 KB ReadSpeaker
5. Brian and Leanne Buffett PDF: 45 KB ReadSpeaker
6. Confidential Confidential
7. Kari Christian PDF: 160 KB ReadSpeaker
8. Ken Christian PDF: 37 KB ReadSpeaker
9. Regan Christian PDF: 30 KB ReadSpeaker
10. Confidential Confidential
11. Duncan Evans PDF: 123 KB ReadSpeaker
12. Confidential Confidential
13. Darren Nicolai and Anita French PDF: 117 KB ReadSpeaker
14. Korin Henderson and Kelly Glass PDF: 113 KB ReadSpeaker
15. CM LeCren and MP Quintal PDF: 462 KB ReadSpeaker
16. Howard Martin PDF: 183 KB ReadSpeaker
17. Steve Mathews PDF: 60 KB ReadSpeaker
18. Lynette McCowan PDF: 74 KB ReadSpeaker
19. Clare McPherson PDF: 44 KB ReadSpeaker
20. Kim Nelson PDF: 68 KB ReadSpeaker
21. Norfolk Island Council of Elders PDF: 427 KB ReadSpeaker
22. Robin Adams JP, Norfolk Island Regional Council Mayor PDF: 1188 KB ReadSpeaker
23. Norfolk Island Legal Advisor, Geoffrey Atkinson PDF: 157 KB ReadSpeaker
24. Norfolk Island Youth Council PDF: 1089 KB ReadSpeaker
25. Candice Nobbs PDF: 237 KB ReadSpeaker
26. Cherie Nobbs PDF: 160 KB ReadSpeaker
27. Confidential Confidential
28. Kaye Nobbs PDF: 75 KB ReadSpeaker
29. Confidential Confidential
30. Kelly Quintal PDF: 65 KB ReadSpeaker
31. Name withheld PDF: 107 KB ReadSpeaker
32. Wayne Richards PDF: 133 KB ReadSpeaker
33. Glenn Robinson PDF: 133 KB ReadSpeaker
34. Michelle Ruka PDF: 109 KB ReadSpeaker
35. David Sanders PDF: 65 KB ReadSpeaker PDF: 59 KB ReadSpeaker
36. Confidential Confidential
37. Tim and Jeanne Sheridan PDF: 167 KB ReadSpeaker
38. Confidential Confidential
39. Daniel Williams PDF: 147 KB ReadSpeaker
40. Peter Woodward PDF: 63 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 20 November, 2019