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Kingston Pier Channel Construction Project

The Kingston Pier has always been a vital link to Norfolk Island.

The Norfolk Island community has previously provided feedback on the initial design of the proposed Kingston Pier Channel construction project.

The project will increase the channel bed's depth and width to improve access and safety and ensure it meets required standards. It will also support greater usage of the pier by commercial charter and fishing vessels and emergency responders.

The department thanks stakeholders and the community for their feedback on the detailed design (80% Design Report), which ensured local knowledge and expertise informed the continued progression of Design Option 3a.

The Kingston Pier Channel Construction project has completed the detailed design and is currently approaching finalisation of the final design (100% Design Report).

In November 2020, the project undertook the excavation of four test trenches to develop a methodology for the upcoming construction phase. The activity was undertaken based on community concerns that the project may encounter heritage artefacts from nearby shipwrecks. A total of 23 items were recovered and identified as having possible heritage value and are currently undergoing further analysis.

In July 2021, the project will undertake technical investigations of the pier to support the design development of remediation works. Community concerns again were key in developing the approach and the data acquired from these investigations will inform the design for the proposed remediation works.

An announcement will be made once the 100% Design Report has been finalised.

  • 80% Design Report Kingston Pier Channel Construction Project November 2020 PDF: 4011 KB ReadSpeaker

The department and Advisian are committed to ensuring that the final design and construction of the project delivers the best outcomes for the community, the economy and the environment.

If you have any enquiries about the project, please email territories_projects@infrastructrure.gov.au

For further information, see the fact sheet: PDF: 278 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 28 May, 2021