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Community matters—6 October

Enhancing community engagement and access to services 

The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (the Department) is pleased to let the community know that we have established a local team on Norfolk Island.

This team will provide a greater connection between the Department and the Island to help improve community access to Australian Government services. Staff will be located in the offices downstairs from the Office of the Administrator with a meeting room also available at Burnt Pine

Following a highly competitive selection process, Claire Quintal joined the Department on 1 October 2018, and is leading the team as Director of Local Government and Facilities Management. This role involves working closely with the Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) on the Service Delivery Agreement, while also focusing on economic analysis, work health and safety, and heritage on the Island. Claire lives on the Island with her husband and two children, and has experience engaging with the community in her former role with NIRC.

Rodney Bunk joined the team on 1 October 2018 as the Contracts and Building Works Supervisor. This role involves driving and managing capital works projects at the Norfolk Island Central School, Norfolk Island Residential and Aged Care Service and the Police Station. Rodney lives on the Norfolk Island with his wife and has previously worked on contract management teams for major civil projects in Queensland.

Ginny Maidment has also joined the Local Government and Facilities Management Team and will continue working on the Island for an extended period. Ginny has held various roles with the Department on the Island since 2012.

The local team will also work in consultation with the Commonwealth Heritage Manager on KAVHA capital works. The Department is working to engage a new Commonwealth Heritage Manager as soon as possible, and is investigating options to cover the role in the short-term.

We encourage the community to contact the Department’s Island team on 23115.

Executive Officer to the Administrator appointed

Fiona Anderson has joined the Administrator’s office as the new Executive Officer. Fiona was selected through a highly competitive process and has executive management experience working in areas of complex technical advice, legislative reform and organisational redesign. Prior to returning to the Island just over two years ago, Fiona worked as an Executive Director in the Law Design and Practice Branch of the Australian Taxation Office. Fiona lives on Norfolk Island with her husband and two of her four children. Fiona can be contacted at the Office of the Administrator on 22152.

Legislation change updates

You can now access a legislation updates information page on the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities website. This page contains information on legislative changes for Norfolk Island. http://regional.gov.au/territories/norfolk_island/governance/legislation-updates.aspx

Earlier this year many of you participated in consultations with Justice Whealy to improve protections for women and children on Norfolk Island. Below is a brief summary of some of the legislative changes that resulted from this consultation. Fact sheets on these changes are located on the new legislation updates page. 

Making it easier for people to give evidence in court

The Norfolk Island Legislation Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable People) Ordinance 2018 makes changes to a number of criminal laws in Norfolk Island.

The new laws provide better protections for witnesses who give evidence in court about certain types of crime. The amendments also remove home detention as a sentencing option for some offences, and make some changes to when and how a person’s ‘good character’ can be considered by a court.

Domestic and Personal Violence Framework

The NSW Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 now applies on Norfolk Island. The new law will help protect people who have reasonable grounds to fear domestic or personal violence.

The new arrangements will apply a modern definition of ‘domestic relationship’ with respect to domestic violence, and will extend to threats of personal violence in non-domestic situations. The new law will also mean that Norfolk Island is part of the national recognition scheme for domestic violence orders, which recognises domestic violence orders throughout Australia.

Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities
6 October 2018