Norfolk Island Legal Aid Program

Legal aid may be available to people with matters arising under a Norfolk Island law. The matter must be proceeding through one of the following courts or tribunals:

  • Norfolk Island Court of Petty Sessions
  • Norfolk Island Supreme Court
  • Norfolk Island Mental Health Tribunal
  • Norfolk Island Employment Tribunal
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Commonwealth)
  • High Court of Australia and the Federal Court of Australia
  • Family Court of Australia

Eligibility Requirements

The following people may apply for legal aid:

  • current or former residents of Norfolk Island,
  • people who are not normally resident in Norfolk Island who have a matter arising under a Norfolk Island law

Further Information

Further information and the legal aid application form is available in the documents below.

  • Legal aid—How to apply and frequently asked questions PDF: 198 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Legal aid—Application form PDF: 265 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Legal aid—Guidelines for Provision of Legal Assistance PDF: 97 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 16 October, 2020