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Norfolk Island Mobile Phone Network

Media Release

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06 May 2015

The Australian Government's commitment to addressing infrastructure challenges on Norfolk Island continues through its engagement of GQI Consulting Pty Ltd to provide advice and options for upgrading the mobile telephone network on Norfolk Island to 3G capable of delivering voice, text, data, multimedia messaging and video calling services.

As many in the community are well aware, the existing 2G mobile network on Norfolk Island is outdated and is only capable of providing voice calls and text messages. Improving Norfolk Island's mobile phone network is critical for boosting tourism and promoting economic development on the Island as well as assisting business operations and e-commerce through providing improved digital capabilities which are required in marketing and distribution.

A 3G network will also provide residents and visitors on Norfolk Island with mobile network access to facebook, twitter and the internet, in addition to voice services, multimedia messaging and other data services, all of which people in many remote areas of Australia are able to currently access.

While the body of work GQI Consulting is undertaking will not result in an immediate upgrade to a 3G network, it will provide valuable advice on how best to undertake an upgrade at a future point in time.

GQI Consulting will visit Norfolk Island in mid-May 2015 to undertake research and assess the existing mobile network infrastructure and its system limitations. The final report, expected by the end of June 2015, will outline the scope of works which will be necessary to establish a 3G network on Norfolk Island. The report will be made publicly available.

Engaging GQI Consulting to prepare this report supports the findings of the Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories, in its report on economic development of Norfolk Island, Same Country, Different World.

The Hon Gary Hardgrave