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2019-20 Budget Outcomes for the Indian Ocean Territories

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development administers the Territories of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (referred to as the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT)) under Portfolio Budget Statement Outcome 4: Good governance in the Australian territories through the maintenance and improvement of the overarching legislative framework for self-governing territories, and laws and services for non-self-governing territories.

The 2019-20 Portfolio Budget Statements for the Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities Portfolio allocates $114.1 million to support the communities in the IOT.

Australian Government Funding for the Indian Ocean Territories2019-20 Budget ($’000)2020-21 Forward Estimate ($’000)2021-22 Forward Estimate ($’000)2022-23 Forward Estimate ($’000)
Services to the Indian Ocean Territories 92,127 91,951 93,348 94,840
Indian Ocean Territories Special Account 2014 21,997 21,997 21,996 21,996
Total IOT Services funding 114,124 113,948 115,344 116,836

2019-20 funding

The 2019-20 Federal Budget provides funding of $1.0 million to support the communities of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, comprising:

  • $400,000 for an independent review of tourism and development of an action plan and to address barriers and support growth ;
  • $550,000 to update the Flying Fish Cove Master Plan to deliver a long-term vision for Flying Fish Cove, including initiatives that can be implemented in the short and long term;

In addition, $500,000 is being provided in 2018-19 to implement recommendations in the Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Strategic Plans. These funds are being sourced from the 2018-19 Services to Territories program.

Projects commenced in 2018-19

The 2019-20 budget continues funding for projects initiated in 2018-19 which deliver services and improved infrastructure, including:

  • underwriting air services to the IOT ($19.6 million over four years);
  • replacing the wharf crane and mooring systems on Christmas Island ($27.3 million over three years);
  • developing of business cases for the replacement of other critical port assets on both islands ($1.3 million over two years);
  • a comprehensive study of storm water management systems to support upgrades to these systems in the long term ($1.3 million over two years);
  • establish robust asset management systems to better support infrastructure and assets that provide essential services ($2 million over two years).