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Flying Fish Cove Landscape Master Plan

The Our Christmas Island, 2030 Strategic Plan recognised the importance of Flying Fish Cove for all types of uses - industry, recreation and tourism. The Plan recommended that a long term vision for Flying Fish Cove be established, and that the facilities in the area better support these uses.

To manage the implementation of this work, the department has commissioned Manteena and landscape architects Oxigen to develop a Landscape Master Plan for the Cove. The study area includes public land from the roundabout area to the base of the road entrance to Tai Jin House (but not including the Tai Jin House area).

Representatives from Manteena and Oxigen visited Christmas Island in February 2020 to listen to the community's thoughts on potential improvements to Flying Fish Cove. The feedback provided was invaluable, and has led to the development of a draft staged Landscape Master Plan for the Cove, which is currently open for public consultation and feedback.

It is important to note that full implementation of the Landscape Master Plan would require a budget larger than is available. As such, the Landscape Master Plan will be delivered using a staged approach over a number of years. The draft Plan proposes a staging plan which aligns with priorities expressed during the initial consultation.

Current activities

Following the first round of community consultation in February 2020, the department recently conducted the second round of consultation for the Flying Fish Cove Landscape Master Plan Project.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the consultation was conducted remotely with the assistance of Island-based consultant CChange Sustainable Solutions. The consultation period ran for four weeks in August 2020, with high participation in the letterbox feedback, surveys and attendance at the small group community consultations. The community feedback and comments have been captured in a consultation outcomes report which the Department has uploaded here for your review and comment.

The department welcomes further community feedback on both the report and the Master Plan to ensure local knowledge and expertise inform the long-term revitalisation of Flying Fish Cove. 

Submissions will be open for a four-week period from today by emailing ffclmpconsultation@infrastructure.gov.au.

The department looks forward to hearing from the community regarding your thoughts for Flying Fish Cove. With your input, we are confident that together we can improve the amenity and functionality of Flying Fish Cove, and increase its usefulness for all groups on Christmas Island.

The final plan will be published here following consideration and analysis of community feedback.