Christmas Island fishing rules

Western Australian (WA) fishing rules are already in place on Christmas Island (CI) and were not specifically designed for the unique CI region.

An Ordinance was drafted following more than 10 years of research and community consultation and seeks to balance the need to protect the fishery with community expectations. The draft Ordinance was released for public comment on 6 August 2019.


Fact sheets

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  • Exposure Draft: Christmas island Applied Laws Amendment (Fish Resource Management) Ordinance 2019 PDF: 422 KB ReadSpeaker

Research papers

  • A Sustainable Future for fishing on Christmas Island (2007) PDF: 1388 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Review of Exploitation of IOT Resources (2010) PDF: 509 KB ReadSpeaker

Public consultation

  • Community Feedback - Fisheries public consultations Christmas Island PDF: 304 KB ReadSpeaker