Fact sheet—Proposed Replacement of the Wharf Crane and Mooring Systems

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What is the Wharf Crane and Mooring Systems Project?

  • The department project plans for the replacement and upgrade of the Wharf Crane and Mooring Systems (The Proposed Works) at three separate locations on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean Territories. These locations are Flying Fish Cove, Smith Point and Norris Point, location of the Nui Nui facility.
  • The replacement proposes to deliver fit-for-purpose facilities providing Christmas Island with full functioning wharf and port facilities. This supports the social and economic well-being of the community, in addition to supporting Australia’s strategic capability in the Indian Ocean Region.

Flying Fish Cove

  • The proposed works at Flying Fish Cove are as follows:
  • Decommissioning and off-island disposal of the existing crane;
  • Installation of a new upgraded wharf crane and crane platform;
  • Installation and upgrade of vessel mooring systems.

Smith Point

  • The proposed works at Smith Point are as follows:
  • Installation, upgrade and reconfiguration of the vessel mooring systems to allow both parallel and perpendicular berthing.

Norris Point (Nui Nui)

  • The Nui Nui Facility is non-operational and is not deemed viable returning the facility to a full operable capability by the department.
  • The proposed works for the Nui Nui facility located at Norris Point are as follows:
  • Decommissioning and off-island disposal of the existing crane and remaining components of the mooring system.

Traffic Concerns

  • There will be no significant permanent impact on local roads or increase in traffic as a result of The Proposed Works.
  • Due to the location and the nature of The Proposed Works, there will be minimal increase in traffic during construction.

Community Benefits

  • The Proposed Works will generate short-term employment opportunities, predominately in the construction labour market on Christmas Island. The Proposed Works will additionally generate some off-site job opportunities through the manufacture and transportation over the construction period. This will provide a positive economic stimulus for small and medium enterprises on Christmas Island and in areas where manufacture and transportation is proposed.
  • The proposed works will provide a significant positive impact to the local community by addressing safety and operational risks, and ensuring the adequacy of critical infrastructure. The proposed works will also promote the physical well-being, social welfare and economic stability of the Christmas Island community

Next Steps

  • All department projects worth in excess of $15 million (exclusive of Goods and Services Tax) are subject to approval by the Australian Parliament via the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works (PWC). As part of this process, the public will have an opportunity to provide submissions regarding The Proposed Works. The department is committed to ensuring that the views of the local community and other stakeholders are understood.
  • For more information, please contact the Project Director by email: cmsciproject@infrastructure.gov.au