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Building Resilient Regional Leaders Initiative (Pilot) noticeboard

Take a look at our noticeboard to find out which communities and regions have registered their interest in the Building Resilient Regional Leaders Initiative (Pilot) program. Please register your interest with us.

The noticeboard will close for registrations on Friday 29 October 2021.

Interested Community/RegionLeadership needs + expected participantsHow has your region been significantly impacted by COVID-19, natural disasters or other crises in the past two yearsContact details for community/regional organisation


Leadership needs:

Drought, floods and the impact of border closures on struggling small communities and villages in this region has taken its toll. Homelessness and economic disadvantage is increasing, house and rental prices are soaring, transport and travel are limited. Collaborative leadership and mentoring will provide support, build skills and resilience, encourage positivity and hope in the community and ensure viability of our towns and villages.

Expected number of participants:

10 - 15 young and mature adults will ensure viability and reach throughout the communities

Covid has caused border closures, divided communities, increased social isolation and added a layer of uncertainty and fear on communities recovering from drought, impacts of fires, floods and other local disasters. Mental health services are stretched, suicide rates have risen in our young people and social disadvantage is also increasing. Building resilient, strong leadership across communities and all ages will enable people to access effective support, have hope and purpose and develop and embed social capital

Name: Riverina

Phone: 0260331738

Email: support@amaranth.org.au

Western - Brewarrina

Leadership needs:

Brewarrina has a shortcoming in growing emerging leaders in a culturally safe and inclusive environment.  Often voices within the community that can contribute new ideas and innovative solutions are unable to articulate this in a leadership capacity.  THere is a shortage of grassroots inclusive leadership.  The Aboriginal Lands Council have outstanding leadership and are often leaned of for areas outside of their core business, the growth of other leaders can strengthen the collective expertise and confidence of the community which can then translate into community growth.

Expected number of participants:


COVID-19 Lockdown and effects of social emotional wellbeing due to disconnection of protective factors for social emotional wellbeing.

Name: Western - Brewarrina

Phone: 0437588782

Email: yarruu@outlook.com

Western NSW, Dubbo, Bourke, Walgett, Lightning Ridge, Parkes, Nyngan, Cobar

Leadership needs:

Existing and emerging Aboriginal leaders in general community and community focused areas such as health, employment, education.

Create focus groups between Elders, community leaders and Youth leaders so a holistic approach can be developed to unify communities and streamline community development.

Expected number of participants:

20 to 50

Yes, Drought, Mouse plague and Covid.

The region is basically resilient with past natural disasters such as fire, flood and drought being lessons learnt. Covid is a new threat and needs special attention so future wont be as badly impacted as at present, Communities need to unite with education programs so Covid just becomes another Flu type disease with regular boosters being a normal part of society

Name: Western NSW, Dubbo, Bourke, Walgett, Lightning Ridge, Parkes, Nyngan, Cobar

Phone: 0410335335

Email: pauls@spin.net.au

Wheatbelt Western Australia

Leadership needs:

Resilience and networks amongst business owners and local government community and economic development officers

Expected number of participants:


Drought affected in 2019-20; COVID impacts around supply chain, workforce and housing issues 2020-21.

Name: Wheatbelt Western Australia

Phone: 0428372179

Email: mandy.walker@rdawheatbelt.com.au