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Factsheet: Innovation to Create More Liveable and Collaborative Communities

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Sponsored by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities

About the sponsor

The Australian Government, through the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities contributes to the prosperity of the economy and the wellbeing of all Australians by assisting local governments to manage their own futures. The Australian Government recognises that local governments provide essential services and planning for their communities.

Innovation in Local Government Award

Local governments face the challenges of creating meaningful dialogue as they engage with members of the community, which is essential to improving public services and empowering their community.

Australians are increasingly choosing to interact with communities and organisations through digital and smart technology. Consequently, local governments that take up the opportunity to use innovative avenues such as digital services to enhance their customer focus are able to better communicate, engage, and meet the everyday needs of their local communities.

This award recognises local governments that have introduced customer focused, innovative initiatives to actively collaborate with members of the community, and improve the design and implementation of public services.

For this award, you could enter projects which involve:

  • providing services that connect the community and enable feedback mechanisms
  • creating opportunities that improve the accessibility and use of public data and encourage collaborative community networks
  • implementing platforms for collaboration and engagement with the community that promote knowledge sharing and improve service delivery
  • collaborating with local businesses to develop innovative solutions to communicate with and empower members of the community
  • creating spaces for members of the community to effectively connect and collaborate with each other.


Last Updated: 19 January, 2018