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Factsheet: Multicultural Australia—Strength in Diversity

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Sponsored by the Department of Social Services

About the sponsor

The Department of Social Services works in partnership with other government and non-government organisations to ensure the effective development, management and delivery of diverse policies, programs and services focused on improving the lifetime wellbeing of people and families in Australia. This includes policies, programs and services aimed at providing opportunities for people to participate equitably in Australia's economic and social life while recognising our cultural diversity.

Visit the Department of Social Services website for more information.

Multicultural Australia—Strength in Diversity Category

This Award is sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. In scoring entries against the selection criteria below, the judges will be looking for projects which:

  • will improve the wellbeing of people and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in your community while building a cohesive society
  • detail what the project is about and the positive difference it has made in your community
  • celebrate and recognise the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity in your community
  • are inclusive in the design, development and implementation of the project itself
  • are innovative
  • are sustainable, such as: regular events which take place throughout the year; or annual events, where there is a commitment to hold the event on an ongoing basis, and
  • have generated some positive outcomes (with these outcomes being evidenced in the entry).

About the Multicultural Australia—Strength in Diversity award

The award recognises local initiatives that promote the benefits of and/or respond to opportunities and challenges arising from Australia's cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.

For example, councils could enter projects for this award which involve:

  • improvement of local employment outcomes and opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse communities;
  • development of inclusive programs which engage and support youth throughout your community;
  • innovative approaches to bring people together to build local social cohesion and community harmony;or
  • promotion and celebration of local cultural diversity, for example through multicultural policies, interfaith/intercultural initiatives;


Last Updated: 19 January, 2017