Financial Assistance Grant to the Australian Capital Territory 2019–20

Government has provided almost $56 billion under the Financial Assistance Grant program to local government since 1974–75 (including 2019–20). This page contains information on the 2019–20 grant to the Australian Capital Territory.

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Australian Capital Territory

Territory summary

General purpose and local road financial assistance grant

Local Government AreaFinancial Assistance Grant for 2019–20
2019–20 Early Payment
made in June 2019
Cash Payments
to be made in 2019–20
Total of the early
and cash payments
General PurposeLocal RoadsTotalGeneral PurposeLocal RoadsTotalGrant Total
Australian Capital Territory $14,829,973 $12,565,289 $27,458,262 $14,441,225 $12,243,706 $26,684,931 $54,143,193
Totals $14,829,973 12,565,289 $27,458,262 $14,441,225 $12,243,706 $26,684,931 $54,143,193

Note: The 2019–20 cash payment consists of the 2019–20 estimated entitlement and the adjustment created from the difference between the 2018–19 final entitlement and 2018–19 estimated entitlement