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The Northern Australia Sustainable Futures (NASF) program was established in 2010 as an initial response to the recommendations of the Northern Australia Land and Water Taskforce. The program has focused on addressing key challenges in regional development in a cooperative manner between the Australian, Queensland, Western Australian and the Northern Territory Governments.

In the 2013 Federal Budget, additional funding was committed for the Office of Northern Australia to continue the Northern Australia Sustainable Futures program until June 2015.

The Northern Australia Sustainable Futures program addresses the need for:

  • national leadership and inter-jurisdictional dialogue and collaboration
  • enhanced Indigenous and community engagement in policy and planning
  • development of sustainable careers and business opportunities for Indigenous people in northern and remote communities
  • improved understanding of regional infrastructure investment priorities
  • improved water management
  • improved understanding of opportunities and risks to sustainable development in the northern beef industry.

Northern Australia Sustainable Futures program

Current Activities
Northern Australia Ministerial Forum 2010–2013 Strategic Directions for the northern Australia Beef Industry
North Queensland Irrigated Agriculture Strategy Food and Fibre Supply Chains
Expansion of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme Data Development
Building markets in environmental and land management services Local government and household water management initiative
Bulk Resource Commodities and Infrastructure Investment Priorities
Other Related Activities
East Kimberley Development Package Northern Australia Land and Water Taskforce
Partnership with the CRC for Remote Economic Participation


Last Updated: 30 July, 2014